Terms & Conditions

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The following terms & conditions apply for all our project work:

  1. Any pictures given are approximate and are not a true colour or representation of the kitchen/bedroom.  They are purely an aid to determine the required design.

  3. Any unforeseen problems, e.g. hidden gas pipes, waste pipes, damaged walls etc. may result in extra costs to you the customer.

  5. CMT Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd reserves the right to discontinue any product.  In this event a full refund will be given.

  7. Any extra materials requested must be paid for before completion and labour will be added to payment 3.

  9. Return visits for trimming plinths will be a minimum extra cost of £60 depending on the number to be trimmed.

  11. CMT Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd can recommend a builder, plasterer, tiller, plumber, electrician etc but any arrangement made is between yourself and the tradesman and CMT Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd cannot be held responsible for their work, however we will only recommend tried and trusted tradesmen. Any payment will be made by you directly to the tradesman concerned.

  13. Where applicable, please check the model numbers of any appliances as once ordered we cannot change them.

  15. Supply only – CMT Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd will not be held responsible for any problems or damage that may arise due to the fitting.

  17. Payment is split as follows:

Payment 1:
Non-refundable deposit to be paid on placement of order

Payment 2:
To be paid during the week prior to fitting

Payment 3:
To be paid on completion of fitting the cabinets, but before granite is fitted. Failure to pay will result in a delay in the granite being fitted as we cannot arrange granite fitting until Payment 3 has been received.

Payment 4:
Non-refundable deposit for Granite/Quartz Worktops (where applicable) to be paid after templating once the actual cost is known.  Worktops cannot be ordered until this has been received.

Payment 5:
Balance of payment for Granite/Quartz worktops to be paid on completion of fitting directly to the fitters before they leave.